Ruba Katrajian, D.O. - Traditional Osteopathy

What to expect

Initial visits are usually an hour in length, and follow-up visits are up to 30 minutes. During the initial visit, a full history and osteopathic physical exam will be completed. The treatment is typically performed with you lying on the exam table on your back. A treatment involves gentle and precise application of force, with the physicians hands, over different aspects of the body to eliminate restrictions in the tissues (muscle, bone, fascia, fluid) and balance asymmetries found during the exam. Each patient’s experience of the treatment is different, some may feel relaxation, reduced muscle tension, improved motion and flow, or nothing at all. Any additional recommendations in diet, exercise, supplements or prescriptions, specific to each individual may then be made.

Please bring any recent lab work, imaging reports, and a list of your current medications, supplements, or vitamins with you to your initial visit. It is also recommended that you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for the visit.

In order to guarantee adequate time and quality care with each patient, Dr. Katrajian has opted to not participate with any insurance companies. Patients will be responsible for payment at the time of their visit.


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